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We are process-oriented. We endeavor for quality results, with proper planning and extensive testing. Our estimates is comprehensive.

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Prototyping . Brainstorming & Consulting . Application Design . Project Management . Application Development . Test Cases & Testing . Enabling Go Live . Performance Testing . Support & Enhancements

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Modular & Decoupled Components . Scalable & Unit Testable . Robust Applications . Easy to Maintain & Extend . Technology Features like MVC . Normalized Database . Hybrid Apps . Payment Integration

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Build & Integrate applications, including mobile & hybrid apps. We specialize in Oracle Cloud and Salesforce Cloud.

Mobile Apps UI/UX

Application (Backend) Programming

Enterprise Solutions

Integrate Applications

Meet our Team


Bobby has 12+ years experience in application development & delivery. He is a technology enthusiast, an eye for detail, identifying border cases & designing modular and scalable solutions.


Adi holds six sigma certificate & masters degree in SCM from US. He has done several Fit Gaps and To Bes, and effected business processes automation and IT enabling, in areas of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Inventory, and Procurement.


Varun is ex-oracle with 12+ years, having data and analytics expertise. From design, data mappings, ETLs, db tuning, OTLP to OLAPS and Big Data, he has contributed 360 degrees, with the aim to smoothen operations and business decisions.


Navneet is an entrepreneur who has 9+ years of rich experience, exploring business needs. He ensures that a project gets the best team and the team delivers the best for the project. He is constantly evolving the team on latest technologies.

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Everything You Need to Know about IT Industry

Easier ways to handle arrays — plus a little string manipulation

Find the middle ground between primitive arrays and Vectors, and string manipulation methods that help suppress homesickness for Perl Primitive arrays in Java are not very object-oriented. You can get[...]

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Use constant types for safer and cleaner code

Avoid making typos while encapsulating arbitrary data in legacy systems in an elegant object-oriented way A couple readers pointed out that one of the constructors for the Smart Int Array has a bug i[...]

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Design by Contract in Java

Design by Contract The Design by Contract (DBC) software development technique ensures high-quality software by guaranteeing that every component of a system lives up to its expectations. As a develop[...]

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Angular 2 Power-up!

One of the single biggest improvements to Ionic 2 is the way it leverages the power of Angular 2. Angular 2 brings incredible performance boosts, especially to mobile. Along with a significant bump in[...]

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The Advantages of Progressive Web Apps in the Modern Mobile Environment

We’ve been talking a lot about Progressive Web Apps—web apps built using modern standardized web APIs like service workers, web manifest, and web push, that provide an app-like experience delivere[...]

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Extend Your Existing Enterprise Security To Cloud Storage Solutions

Ionic Protect for Cloud Storage provides a solution that can extend companies existing security capabilities any on-premise or cloud environment, by making it easy to integrate policy driven one-time [...]

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Calling all early adopters for Android Studio previews

If you love trying out all of the newest features in Android Studio  and helping us make it a better IDE, we’re making it even easier to download early preview builds with a new website. Here,[...]

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5 tips for launching successful apps and games on Google Play

1. Test, test, test The best time to test, is before you launch; so test boldly and test a lot! Nix Hydra recommends testing creative, including art style and messaging, as well as gameplay mechanics,[...]

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The Google Assistant is coming to more Android phones

The Google Assistant will automatically come to eligible Android phones running Nougat and Marshmallow with google play services. You’ll also see the Google Assistant on some newly announced par[...]

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Build your own languages with JavaCC

Programming languages are often divided, somewhat artificially, into compiled and interpreted languages, although the boundaries have become blurred. As such, don’t worry about it. The concepts [...]

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