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Build & Integrate applications, including mobile & hybrid apps. We specialize in Oracle Cloud and Salesforce Cloud.

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Navigating Lifecycle Events In Ionic 2

In native apps (iOS, Android), views have a well structured lifecycle that allows you to perform actions on key points of their execution. Ionic 2 has a similar feature: Navigation Lifecycle Event. In[...]

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Easier ways to handle arrays — plus a little string manipulation

Find the middle ground between primitive arrays and Vectors, and string manipulation methods that help suppress homesickness for Perl Primitive arrays in Java are not very object-oriented. You can get[...]

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Use constant types for safer and cleaner code

Avoid making typos while encapsulating arbitrary data in legacy systems in an elegant object-oriented way A couple readers pointed out that one of the constructors for the Smart Int Array has a bug i[...]

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Logging on to Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

An introduction to IRC Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was once the de facto standard for realtime communications on the Internet. In a nutshell, there are IRC clients and IRC servers; you use a client to c[...]

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Design by Contract in Java

Design by Contract The Design by Contract (DBC) software development technique ensures high-quality software by guaranteeing that every component of a system lives up to its expectations. As a develop[...]

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Ionic 3.0 has Arrived!

We are so excited to announce the release of Ionic 3.0! This version jump may worry some of you, but don’t let it! The required changes to go from 2.x.x to 3.0.x are minimal. But… why 3.0? What’[...]

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What’s New in Ionic 2

For those that have been following the development of Ionic 2 closely, Ionic 2.0.0 final is a stable, production ready version of the Ionic 2 you already know. If this is your first exposure to Ionic [...]

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Angular 2 Power-up!

One of the single biggest improvements to Ionic 2 is the way it leverages the power of Angular 2. Angular 2 brings incredible performance boosts, especially to mobile. Along with a significant bump in[...]

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The Advantages of Progressive Web Apps in the Modern Mobile Environment

We’ve been talking a lot about Progressive Web Apps—web apps built using modern standardized web APIs like service workers, web manifest, and web push, that provide an app-like experience delivere[...]

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Help us test Ionic Native 3.x

A major focus at Ionic right now is reducing the final bundle size of an Ionic app. One of the major file size offenders has been Ionic Native, which bundles a decent amount of plugin code into your a[...]

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