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Angular 2 Power-up!

One of the single biggest improvements to Ionic 2 is the way it leverages the power of Angular 2. Angular 2 brings incredible performance boosts, especially to mobile.

Along with a significant bump in performance, Angular 2 brings a simpler, more standard way of building Javascript apps. Angular 1x was developed back in 2009, before ES6 and before the modern JS app that it pioneered. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of custom approaches to things like state management, dependency injection, components, and modules. These custom solutions are no longer necessary with today’s JS standards.

Today, an Ionic and Angular 2 app is just TC-39, standards-compliant JS. While it may look different from what you’re used to, the benefit is the entire web industry is moving towards this standard set of technologies, so your skills will adapt to other projects beyond Ionic and Angular 2. That wasn’t the case with Angular 1.

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