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Bussiness Processes

Optimize your business process by employing technology and incorporating workflow, automation, push notifications and trigger automatic actions based on user inputs and system changes.

  • Identify Processes for Improvement.
    • Identify processes, i.e. driven by data, applications or personnel.
    • Identify interdependencies and disparity in processes.
    • Identify redundancy, inconsistencies, time consumption & bottlenecks.
  • Integration Framework.
    • Select tools to model, implement and monitor integration flows.
    • Develop framework for Integration, message exchange and workflow.
    • Implement security, user access and roles.
  • Design Business flows.
    • Re-deisgn process with automation and real time web service calls.
    • Incorporate automatic and manual approvals.
    • Define Notifications and external actions on processes.
  • Build Integration.
    • Build publish, subscription services and events.
    • Build Business flows and invoke service.
    • Listen to events and execute specific actions upon events fired.