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Database Design

Every web and mobile application needs a robust database, for online access to up-to-date and accurate information. A good database design will capture all your entities, attributes and relationships between entities, in an effective manner complying with the needs of business functions and ability to derive decisions (out of analytics).

Database design calls for expertise that can add value and efficiency during implementation & support phases. If you have your data in database, effectively stored and linked to other data, then it becomes easy to pull up the data in your screens.

The context how a database is being used i.e. for CRUD application, a business process flow, OLTP for transactions, OLAP for analytics or summarized data as part of data warehouse, influences the database design decisions and execution.

  • Entity Relationship
    • Entities and Fields
    • Data Uniqueness and Primary Keys
    • Data Relationships and Foreign Keys
  • Relational Database
    • Normalization & redundancy elimination
    • Partitioning based on functions or performance
    • Secure data through design
  • Database operations
    • Database sync, locking and read mode
    • Data Migrations
    • Archive, Tuning and Analyze
  • Reporting or View
    • Database Views
    • Materialized Views
    • Indexes & Queryable
    • Intelligent attributes across all tables
  • Multi Dimensional
    • Dimensions & Hierarchies
    • Star Schemas
    • Cubes & Measures