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eCommerce Integrations

Develop integrations for Ecommerce applications with enterprise applications or ERPs to take advantage of inventory management & planning, tracking items by warehouse, reservations & shipping, sales order fulfillment, which may involve procurement, work order/production jobs, picking, packing & shipping, billing & invoicing, payments & reconciliation and reporting & analytics.

  • Product Catalog
    • Manage Products/Items in Enterprise application
    • Sync Product & quantities with ecommerce application
  • Ordering
    • Manage customer & billing information, and bill customers
    • Create Order, Reserve Items & Fulfil Order
  • Shipping
    • Pick Items from Warehouse & bring to staging area
    • Inspect, Pack & release items for shipping
  • Payments
    • Automatic payments, or due dates with defined payment terms
    • Receive payment & reconcile and complete Orders
  • Returns
    • Inspect & Receive back items into RMA inventory
    • Repair Items, ship again repair or replaced items