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Industry Experience

Domain knowledge is essential to design applications, participate in client solutions and offer our suggestions that can provide an alternate perspective to problems and solutions.

It helps to blend the best of technical and functional knowledge that can accelerate business in the right direction.

  1. Developers need to understand the domain and not merely code to specs.
  2. Product managers need to understand technology

Below are quick notes on some of the domains.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain in organizations can benefit with ERP functions to streamline order fulfillment, shipping and tracking. Below are some of the needs.

  • Optimize Items picking and shipping, at multiple locations or locators inside warehouse
  • Build efficient supply chain mechanism for improved demand planning and forecasting of materials
  • Embrace digital platform for increased sales and shorter payment cycles
  • Profit ascertainment
  • Advanced analytics and business decisions for reducing risks
  • Streamline returns process for both customers and operations

A supply chain broadly has these functions

  • Ordering
  • Item Reservation
  • Pick/ Pack, Shipping
  • Customer Billing
  • Payments & Integrations
  • Returns / RMA

An order can be fulfilled through Procurement or Manufacturing as we see below.


Below are some challenges in Procurement.

  • Finding, Qualifying & Selecting Suppliers
  • Supplier Relationship Management & Performance Evaluation
  • Aligning procurement strategy across multiple geographical locations & teams
  • Accurate historical data for analysis and procurement decisions
  • Integrate all resources and systems in shared data and process flows for improved efficiency and cost reductions

These challenges can be solved by adopted right IT or application for below functions.

  • (Approved) Suppliers Items
  • RFQ & Quotations
  • Requisition
  • Procurement
  • Receiving
  • Payments & Bank Integrations


Below are some challenges in manufacturing industry.

  • Improve communications and tracking for increased production output
  • Utilize plants effectively and maintain machinery in lowest cost
  • Need to Automate & optimize manufacturing & supporting processes
  • Precise Cost tracking
  • Integrated engineering, procuring, manufacturing, costing & selling system for global competitiveness and increased sales

Here are some common functions that can be managed in an enterprise application to overcome above challenges.

  • Engineering & BOM
  • Planning (Forecasts, MPS, MRP)
  • Plant Maintenance & Production Control
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Quality & Inspections